GovCon Plus Indirect Expense Rate Calculator for Deltek Vision


Save time, make DCAA auditors happy, and minimize audit risk with the new Indirect Expense Rate (IER) Calculator – part of the Acuity Business Solutions' GovCon Plus (GCP) software that interfaces with Deltek Vision.

GovCon Plus is a software product that interfaces with Vision in either a hosted environment or on-premise installation. It interfaces with the Deltek Vision General Ledger data and allows you to set up complex cost pools and indirect rate calculations. GovCon Plus handles any number of pools, and the most complicated rate calculations and intermediary allocations. It can even calculate different rates for the organizations levels in Vision. Acuity Business Solutions has solved the problem of managing complex Indirect Rate calculations using your General Ledger data in Deltek Vision. No longer will you have to create elaborate spreadsheets that are difficult to maintain, and put your firm at greater risk of failure due to inaccuracy.

Features of GovCon Plus include:Managing Government Contracts in Deltek Vision

    • Can be set up in only a few hours and never has to be adjusted
    • Stores your general ledger detail in the system for easy reconciliation to Vision
    • Allows you to use the Account Groups feature in Deltek Vision to simplify setup
    • Can go back as many years as you have been using Vision to calculate rates
    • Has a simple user interface and minimal training required
    • Includes a Summary and Detailed Statement of Indirect Rates report for the DCAA auditor
    • Maintains an audit trail history of all changes to a cost pool

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