Why Deltek?

Deltek First Vision Essentials is simple to maintain!

      • You are always on the current version
      • It grows with yoru firm - expand your license in manageable increments
      • You can right size your license from contract to contract
      • No additional hardware or software needed

Deltek First Managed by Deltek Nothing to DeployCloud

To deliver Deltek solution offerings to professional services firms through the cloud, Deltek has partnered with Amazon Web Services ("AWS") - a pioneer in eCommerce and trusted world leader in cloud services. Deltek First is the first cloud developed for professional services firms like yours. Deltek's Amazon partnership brings global scale, proven expertise, and physical security unmatched by any individual vendor's independent data-center - and keeps Deltek's focus where you want it: on creating and supporting exceptional professional services solutions.


Get secure access directly through any basic internet connection - no need for your users to fumble with a cumbersome or occasionally-blocked VPN. No matter where you are, we're there with you.


Entrusting your growing PS firm to the Deltek cloud doesn't mean putting your firm's data at risk. Our unwavering commitment to support and security makes Deltek First available any time to anyone in your firm who needs it - and keeps your information safe from anyone who shouldn't have it. Deltek's cloud-based data-center assures a level of accessibility and security that any on-site IT department would be hard-pressed to match.


You are "always on" with Deltek First. Redundant servers, automatic fail-over, and multiple forms of back-up power enable an environment that's there when you need it. Constant monitoring is perpetually on the lookout for potential issues, and the round-the-clock personnel are on-site 24/7 to quickly resolve any problems.