Deltek for Professional Services


Deltek for Professional Services (DPS) is a single, cloud-based solution specifically designed for organizations that manage people, not widgets, products or stock units. DPS integrates client relationship management (CRM), financial management, resource and engagement management, and human resource systems so that you can make more informed business decisions and increase profitability. 

Deltek PS empowers your firm to:

    • Improve visibility and business insight throughout all stages of the engagement lifecycle with role-based analytics and dashboards
    • Accelerate billing and streamline financial management processes with automated financial support
    • Avoid initial and ongoing IT costs
    • Get real-time visibility into each engagement, client and business line profitability and margins
    • Plan, track and measure utilization and realization rates with optimized resource management

Master the Engagement with Deltek for Professional Services

Keep your team focused and engaged. 

Deltek PSA


The Number Cruncher

We understand, that as a finance professional for a service provider, one of your biggest struggles is to get accurate, timely financial information on engagements and clients. Whether you have 5 or 500 clients, Deltek PSA helps streamline your invoicing processes and gets you paid faster. 

What if it all just worked?

    • Receive and process payments faster with interactive and automated billing tools in combination with robust accounts receivable management
    • Provide your consultants with a quick, simple and easy way to submit timesheet information on-the-go
    • Generate invoices that are correct and timely the first time, every time
    • Respond to concerns immediately with dashboards and alert notification tools
    • Monitor key performance indicators, such as margins, utilization and realization rates, cash flow and much more.
Deltek Professional Services Finance

The Decision Maker

Do you struggle with getting the information you need, when you need it? Here at Acuity, we understand that as a firm leader of a professional services firm this is one of your biggest challenges. With Deltek PSA you can easily monitor firm and engagement P&L, margins, revenue by client, at risk engagements and/or employees, and sales pipelines from anywhere, anytime. All you need is a device and internet access. Now, you can make those difficult business decisions faster and more informed than ever before. 

What if it all just worked?

    • Get a comprehensive view of all your engagements profitability status and know your on track
    • Identify clients that are draining resources and eating away at your bottom line
    • Analyze and adjust resources to increase efficiencies and profitability
    • Utilize dashboards to access important information instantly and execute more informed business decisions faster.
    • Provide an easy-to-use solution to your employees and allow them to get back to exceeding the client expectations.
Deltek Professional Services Executive

The Rainmaker

As a Business Development Associate at a professional services firm, it's important that you are continuously informed on the status of your clients and opportunities. Reminders, activity updates, notifications, and metrics are all vital pieces of your strategy and allow you to become more competitive, and win engagements. 

With Deltek for Professional Services, you now have all the tools required to win your next BIG engagement.

What if it all just worked?

    • Cultivate, nurture and manage client relationships
    • Know you have enough pipeline to meet goals
    • Deliver competitive and reliable project estimates to drive profitability
    • Collaborate across the entire team, so everyone is engaged and up-to-date
    • Analyze target revenue per account, revenue forecasting, and portfolio health anywhere, anytime

The People Person

Are you fighting the war for talent? Finding and onboarding resources quickly while retaining top talent is a struggle for all the leading professional services firms. Stand ahead of your competitors and make a sizable impact on your business goals with Deltek PSA. Deltek for Professional Services will allow you to recruit, hire and retain talent that is tailored to your firm needs and help you ensure growth and sustainability. 

What if it all just worked?

    • Acquire new hire information, and retention and turnover rates so you can make the necessary adjustments
    • Manage skills and certifications so you can assign resources to engagements easily
    • Recognize and fill resource gaps quickly
    • Onboard resources fast so you can bill them faster
    • Evaluate resources at the project/engagement level ensuring performance is at its best
Deltek Professional Services Human Resources