Deltek Talent Management

TalentManagement_PageHeader.jpgDeltek Talent Management Suite is a cloud-based solution designed to help project-based businesses including Architecture, Engineering, Environmental and Construction firms, Government Contractors, and Professional Services firms manage the entire employee life cycle, from hire-to-retire.

With Deltek Talent Management your firm can now:

    • Find and acquire the right talent in a highly competitive market
    • Enhance talent performance, accountability, and visibility
    • Develop your employees into professionals and leaders
    • Increase employee retention and properly prepare for employee succession within your organization
    • Obtain access to online resources including training and certification courses
    • Begin managing employee incentives, performance, and compensations more effectively

Whether you need a complete, consolidated employee management solution or just specific components, Deltek's Talent Management can fit your business needs.

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Deltek Talent Acquisition

Obtaining the right talent is key to setting your firm up for success. Today, the competition to acquire that talent is fierce and having the right tools is a necessity. Deltek Talent Acquisition provides you with an intuitive interface to manage the entire application-to-hire process, recruiting new employees (including a seamless connection to job boards, and social media outlets), manage your Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), and track I9 verifications and application tax credits. All of the processes within this component are configurable and support dynamic workflows to address the needs of varying sizes of organizations.

Talent Acquisition can be fully integrated with Deltek Vision's Core module. No additional integration is required.


Deltek Talent Performance Deltek Talent Performance

Manage compliance, identify and source the right people internally, and retain your top talent with Deltek Talent Performance. This component provides the tools you need to set and establish measurable employee goals and monitor their progress for recognition and compensation, and enable an easy way to collect peer feedback in order to coach and recognize the accomplishments of your employees firm-wide.

Through a unified Deltek Talent Management Suite, your firm can leverage the data gathered on all aspects of the employee's career and view it through a powerful reporting tool. Data and cross-module analytics are immediately available throughout the entire solution with updates made via a single screen.


Deltek Talent Development

The Deltek Talent Development component allows your managers and employees to work together to develop career paths, discover strengths and areas in need of improvement, and build development plans to help them grow. With the most configurable 9 Box tool on the market, your firm will be able to identify talent that may have been overlooked, increase employee retention, and become more prepared in the planning for future needs and successions. Discover the impact of internal turnover and navigate your organization to greater success.

Talent Development can be fully integrated with Deltek Vision's Core module.


Deltek Talent Learning

Deltek Talent Learning allows you to house a full catalog of personalized learning experiences that are aligned with your company's goals to help your employees follow their development plan and grow professionally. Talent Learning also supports blended learning environments as well as online training so that firms can identify the best method to accomplish each individual's learning goals and outcomes. Choose from instructor-led, online, or external courses; and create and/or assign curricula to employees that are training for new hire, job roles, organizational units, location, etc.

Talent Acquisition can be fully integrated with Deltek Vision's Core module. No additional integration is required. 


Deltek Talent Compensation

Manage your employees' performance and incentives in a more simplified and effective way. Whether you pay based on performance or use incentives to drive behavior, the Compensation component helps companies like yours to plan and implement compensation plans according to your individual needs. With Talent Compensation, you can manage complex compensation rules and structures with multiple currencies. No longer feel burdened by the annual compensation review process with this simplified, integrated platform.


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