Deltek Vision Transition Services

Transition_PageHeader.jpgAcuity Business Solutions has put together a special Deltek Vision 7.x Transition Services Package that includes everything you need to seamlessly transition from Deltek version 5.1 to Vision 7.x. 

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Learn how to use the exciting new features of Deltek Vision version 7.x!

Put Acuity Business Solutions 20+ years of experience implementing Vision to work for you to ensure a smooth transition to Deltek Vision version 7.x

Not only is it important to understand the technical requirements for transitioning to Deltek Vision 7.x, but also to understand the new features and functionality. With Acuity Business Solutions transition services you get a test environment with your own data where you can learn more about the new features, test them out, and develop any new processes before rolling Version 7.x out live!

Some things to be aware of when transitioning to version 7.x

      • Vision 7.x cannot be installed on the same server as previous versions of Vision
      • Custom Reports may need to be re-written or upgraded
            • If you are on a version prior to version 6.x and have custom reports they will have to be re-written.  In version 6.x they have replaced the Actuate report writer with Microsoft SQL Reporting Services 2005
            • If you are on version 6.x and have custom reports, they will need to be upgraded and possibly fixed.  In version 7.0 they have upgraded to Microsoft SQL Reporting Services 2008 and have made several changes to the database tables

Acuity's Vision 7.x Transition Services Package Details

Our transition services package provides you with a full spectrum of services to strategically and efficiently transition your firm to Version 7.x

The Vision 7.x Transition Services Package Includes*:

Technical Requirements & Roadmap

Our IT Specialists will schedule a 1-2 hour meeting with your technical staff to:

          • Review the latest hardware andsoftware requirements
          • Review existing hardware andsoftware status and custom work (if applicable)
          • Review of deployment options
          • Document the technical transition plan (roadmap)
          • Coordinate the conversion of your test database to the hosting site
          • Determine the best timing for utilizing your test environment

Test Conversion & 30 Days Hosting (provided by Sand Solutions - an Acuity & Deltek Partner)

The test environment will allow users to test and review the changes and new features with your own data. You will maintain your current environment while planning for your transition. Test Conversion includes:

          • Conversion of your database to the version 7.x test database (on the version appropriate for your environment)
          • Hosting of your test database for 30 days

Overview of the Major New Features of Version 7.x

Our consultants will schedule a 1-2 hour session with your team to provide an overview of the most recent features available, as well as to discuss a plan for transitioning to the new version. Please select the version to view all enhancements that were added in that release.

* Transition services do not include: In-Depth training and process documentation on the new features, or upgrading custom reports, stored procedures, or workflows.Now, take the next step to learn more about Acuity Business Solutions transition services - contact us today.