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Why Other Vision On-Premise Customers Swtiched to the Cloud

  Aercoustics Testimonial - Steve Titus, President

Leave the IT to Deltek

For Aercoustics, moving to Deltek First Vision Essentials means the organization can focus on what it does best…being acoustic engineers and let the experts at Deltek focus on the IT. Aercoustics saw early on that moving to a cloud based enterprise resource system allowed them to save on capital expenses, save on time upgrading systems and installing software and save on hardware costs that they would have had to incur if they kept their Vision solution on premise. Aercoustics sees the value of accessibility – anytime, anywhere and appreciates that even in the cloud, their data is safe, secure and all theirs. “Deltek First has allowed our organization to focus on what we do best. We know that we are using the latest version of the software and taking advantage of all that it has to offer. Our data is safe and secure in the hands of Deltek and the Deltek cloud and we don’t have to worry about maintaining our systems – we can focus on growing our business.” 

Products used by Aercoustics

Deltek First Vision Essentials

Harvard Jolly Architecture Testimonial - William Harvard, Jr. Chairman & CEO

Easy, Simple and Secure

Prior to its move to Deltek First, the company was using Deltek Vision on-premise as its ERP platform. While Deltek Vision fit its needs for project accounting, project management and client/opportunity management, Harvard Jolly wanted to simplify how it managed IT internally to gain cost savings for its business. With a cloud solution in place, the firm would no longer need to rely on a dedicated IT person to perform system upgrades for year-end reporting and critical payroll updates. The cloud would also provide world-class support options and minimal IT efforts with automatic updates.

Products used by Harvard Jolly

Deltek First Vision Essentials

Rockwell Group, LLC Testimonial - Ken Mok, IT Director

New Features and Functionality

Rockwell Group was using Deltek Vision 5.1, and wanted to take advantage of the new features offered in the latest version of Vision. The firm considered whether to upgrade their current on-premise system or move to the cloud with Deltek First Vision Essentials. After analyzing both solutions and comparing the potential ROI, it became clear that Deltek First was the perfect option for Rockwell Group. Moving to Deltek First allowed the firm to save money on costly re-instatements, hardware and IT resources. After Rockwell Group suffered a loss of power for an entire week in 2012 from Hurricane Sandy, the firm realized the tremendous value in the disaster discovery aspect of a cloud solution, and can now rest assured that they can securely access their data from anywhere at any time.

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Rockwell Group, LLC

Deltek First Vision Essentials

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