Deltek Vision Asset ManagementDeltek Vision's Asset Management module allows you to manage the complete lifecycle of your fixed assets, providing your firm with an accurate picture of all your assets in one place. From initial acquisition through tracking, depreciation and disposal, take away the burden of managing your assets and provide your firm with the right data to make informed business decisions. Vision Asset Management seamlessly integrates with the Purchasing and Accounting functions allowing you to easily and more accurately manage all of your assets.

Maintain a Complete and Accurate Report of Your Fixed Assets Lifecycle

Asset Management Purchasing Integration

Spreadsheets are often full of data entry errors, inaccurate depreciation calculations, and missing assets, often leading to wasted time tracking down assets that are either no longer active, combing through spreadsheets to locate errors, or overpaying for insurance or taxes. With the Vision Asset Management module, firms are now able to maintain a complete and accurate record of fixed assets across the company in one centralized system, eliminating data entry errors and increasing efficiency.

Always know where your assets are, and ensure that you are not paying for assets that are lost, stolen or just unusable.

Asset Management Depreciation Processing


Integrates with Vision's Purchasing and Accounting Modules

Your fixed assets impact other areas of your business including your finances. Save time and significantly improve data accuracy with the seamless integration between Deltek Vision's new Asset Management module and the existing Purchasing and Accounting modules. Although not required, integrating Asset Management with Vision Purchasing makes it simple to turn any purchase into a trackable, manageable fixed asset.

Vision Asset Management supports multi-company and multi-currency functionality so that all fixed assets can be viewed and utilized throughout the firm.


Make More Informed Business Decisions

Deltek Asset Review

Make more informed decisions on future capital and aging assets ─ and hold your employee accountable for damaged assets ─ through a variety of new features. These include the ability to assign Vision Units and an employee to an asset, as well as reviewing historical details, maintenance records, and expected available use-of-life.

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Deltek Vision's Asset Management module is only compatible with version 7.5 or higher.