Custom Proposals & Government Forms for Deltek Vision


Custom Proposals

Deltek Vision Custom Proposals allows your sales and marketing departments to create resumes, project pages and winning proposals with your company’s branding standards that stand out from the competition – including custom proposals, RFP responses, government forms and internal documents. Gather real-time project and employee information from Deltek Vision and merge it directly to your proposal. Now Deltek Vision integrates with Adobe InDesign as well as Microsoft Word!

Deltek Vision Custom Proposals will:

    • Ensure consistency and fast creation of proposals, eliminating time-consuming and inefficient copy and paste proposal creation.
    • Target your audience with Vision's powerful search capabilities and tailor your responses with relevant project experience, staff expertise, and text library information.
    • Streamline processes, update content in one place, and make it available for all proposals.
    • Reduce errors by eliminating the need to copy potentially outdated and inaccurate information from other proposals.

Extend the functionality of Custom Proposals

    • Microsoft Office and Desktop Integration (MODI) - By searching Vision Text Libraries from within Word documents and importing text directly into your proposal, you can harness even more capabilities from Vision without even being in the application.
    • InDesign - Vision now integrates with the industry's leading desktop publishing application. Leverage the power of Adobe InDesign to create native templates and generate single document books along with graphics. Create more appealing and sleeker proposals.

Government Forms

Showcase your unique message and value offering to the US Federal Government using Deltek’s Government Forms. Provide information in a format mandated by the federal government agencies and automate the Standard Form 330 (SF330), SF254/255.

Deltek Vision’s Government Forms will create accurate SF330, SF245/255 forms with ease, by automating the production of the proposals and ensure information is consistent among all sections. You can also use the Vision Template Editor to modify forms repurposed by state and local agencies for their purposes, accurately displaying data in the format requested.

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