Deltek Touch for Vision

Deltek has developed two products that are ideal for Vision users who travel or are frequently away from the office. Whether at a client meeting, on a project or creating new relationships in business development the following applications are a must have. Available on iOS and Andriod devices - anytime anywhere! 

Deltek Touch CRM

New with version 1.1 is support for opportunities and user defined fields.

Access Deltek Vision CRM information from your iPhone or Android device to manage clients, contacts and opportunities on the road. With Deltek Touch CRM, you’ll be able to take advantage of new opportunities and increase profitability by keeping knowledge and information in the hands of all your employees – even when they are not in the office.

Deltek Vision CRM customers now have access to critical information anytime, anywhere with Deltek Touch CRM for Vision

Deltek Touch CRM
    • Look up any contact or client in your Vision database anytime, anywhere
    • View, add, edit or delete contacts and clients according to your Vision security role
    • Touch a phone number to make a call or touch an email to start a message
    • View an address and get directions
    • Gain access to the app easily and securely using a 4-digit pin
    • View, edit, create new Opportunities
    • Supports user defined fields within Clients, Contacts, and Opportunities

In addition, Deltek Touch CRM enables Vision alerts to be pushed to users based on role. Now executives, business developers, finance professionals, project managers, and other key stakeholders can stay on top of actions requiring immediate attention when they are outside of the office.

Deltek Touch CRM is FREE to all Vision users who are current on maintenance. 

Deltek Vision Mobile

Deltek Touch Time

Deltek Touch Time

New with version 1.1, improved save functionality and units

With Touch Time, employees can enter their time directly from a mobile device – whether at the end of day or the end of a client meeting –  rather than having to log into Vision to enter hours. Save time, increase accuracy and promote time-entry compliance!

Deltek Touch Time for Vision allows users to:

    • Instant access to your timesheet via a mobile device
    • Ensure detailed time entry containing project information, phase, tasks, labor codes, labor category, values and comments
    • Automatically copy timesheets over, saving time and reducing errors

Deltek Touch Time is FREE to all Vision users who are current on maintenance.
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