Deltek iAccess for Vision

Deltek iAccess for Vision (formerly Navigator) is an extension of your Deltek Vision system, creating an entirely new user experience, perfect for any front-office employee on-the-go. This new interface provides your employees with a resource to manage critical data from any browser or on any tablet so that you can make more informed business decisions and stay on top of your opportunities and projects. 

Deltek's iAccess is intuitive and user-friendly, designed with three distinct workspaces that give your employees just what they need, including:

    • New Business Development workspace for managing clients, contracts and opportunities on-the-go (available for Vision CRM users)
    • Enhanced Project Management workspace so you can monitor projects and identify problems before they occur
    • Improved Employee workspace, making it easier to keep timesheets and expense reports up to date from anywhere. 

Increase Your Pipeline and Improve Client Management

Deltek iAccess Business Development Workspace

The Deltek iAccess interface is an easy-to-use tool designed for mobile business development teams, including project managers, business developers and marketing professionals. Business development teams can now add, update and review opportunities, touch points and client activities directly within their Deltek Vision system, and never miss a follow-up opportunity again. iAccess will also provide executives and project managers with more reliable information for forecasts and to prepare for project awards.

Win more with more accurate opportunities using Deltek's iAccess Business Development workspace. This workspace delivers the power of Vision CRM with a simpler, more intuitive design, providing you with: 

  • Pipeline reporting right on the dashboard
  • Opportunity details that are simple, easy-to-read and in real-time
  • Touchpoints to track client interactions and schedule follow-up activities
  • Client details to get a high-level view of the client health
  • Reporting that is quick and easy so that you can stay on top of client management

Manage Projects to Improve Performance and Mitigate Risks

Deltek iAccess Project Management Workspace

A project manager's most important resource is time - time to manage and execute projects. With Deltek iAccess for Vision project managers can plan, manage, monitor and execute projects all within one easy-to-use centralized tool designed with them in mind. The result is being able to more effectively manage the project and get back to specific details and the executives can make more informed decisions with more accurate, complete project information. 

Focus more, do more and see more with Deltek's iAccess Project Management workspace. This workspace gives your projects managers a centralized tool to manage and update project information, while delivering:

  • Project details from anywhere, anytime
  • Project metrics in a quick and easy to understand view
  • Visual project overviews with the ability to drill down into additional details
  • Resource planning scheduling with actual and generic resources so your project managers can forecast and deliver with accurate hours and costs
  • Alerts and warnings when projects are at risk before it's too late
  • Invoices that you can easily access, review, comment and approve for greater control over the projects bottom line 

Easy Timesheets and Expense Reports

Deltek iAccess Employee Workspace

Using Deltek iAccess, any employee can view, create and submit a timesheet from any location where they have internet access and a browser. This means that any employee who logs into Deltek Vision to complete their timesheet can now have a quick and easy option for entering time from any browser on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

Also, iAccess will allow your employees to upload receipts via a desktop, laptop or tablet and attach them directly to the expense report and project, streamlining the expense reporting process and managing of receipts and reports. 

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Users must be on Vision 7.4 Cumulative update #6 or higher to use Deltek iAccess for Vision, with the new features and interface. Older versions of Navigator will work with previous versions of Vision. Internet Explorer (IE) 9 is not supported with iAccess. iAccess allows employees to use the browser of their choice including Chrome, Safari and Firefox as well as IE 10 or higher.