Elevating a Project Manager to a Business Manager

Design and Construction Network

June R. Jewell, CPA and President of AEC Business Solutions will be speaking to members of the Design and Construction Network as she presents the webinar “Elevating a Project Manager to a Business Manager.” If you are a project manager looking to take the next step in your career, or an executive interested in furthering the growth of key people in your organization, then this is a perfect webinar for you.

Elevating a Project ManagerElevating a Project Manager to a Business Manager is about helping project managers’ move to the next level in their career.  During this seminar we will highlight tools and techniques used to help Project Managers to improve accountability and increase profitability.  Project Managers are the key to building a sustainable and successful organization. They not only serve as the primary point of contact for clients, but they are also the frontrunners of change. 

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Topics that will be discussed include:

    • Understanding the Culture of Your Firm and How That Affects Profitability
    • Components Affecting Profitability
    • What Should You Expect from your Project Managers?
    • What do They Need to Know?
    • What Data do They Need to do Their Jobs?
    • Using Software to Help PM’s Manage Better
    • Some Ideas for Helping Them Succeed

What Attendees Say:

Thanks, June, for your excellent presentation addressing the critical business management skills that are essential to successful project management.

All too often we see folks who are under the impression that  competent architects and engineers are, by definition, competent project managers. It's important to understand that those design skills actually represent the lower rungs on the ladder to highly-skilled project management.

Your emphasis on time and people management, as well as discipline and professionalism in the financial aspects of projects, ranging from fee development to collections, was spot-on.

I know that it was a valuable reality check for our up-and-coming project managers and a healthy refresher for our firm leaders. Thank you!

Jay Appleton, PE
Big Sky Enterprises, LLC
Architecture - Engineering - Planning - Interiors