Industry-Specific Solutions to Meet the Unique Needs of Your Business

With over 15 years of success implementing Deltek's best-in-class software solutions, and consultants with decades of deep industry knowledge and experience, Acuity Business Solutions knows your business. Let us help you increase your revenue and improve your profitability by more efficently and effectively managing your business processes. From government contractors to professional services firms, Acuity Business Solutions has delivered results for over 1,700 organizations nationwide.

  • Architecture & Engineering

    The AE and Environmental (AEE) services firm is the quintessential project-driven enterprise. A&E firms need to manage project time and expenses to a variety of project activities under a number of contractual arrangements which creates complex management and operational challenges. Acuity Business Solutions specializes in resolving these issues and empowering A&E firms to win new projects, manage resources and projects, control costs, and streamline the financial management of the firm.

  • Energy & Environmental

    In today's rapidly changing Energy & Environmental industries, it is crucial for businesses to have automated mission-critical processes to improve decision making and drive greater project visibility. Deltek’s enterprise software solutions increase compliance, streamline financial management, and empower companies to keep projects on track and on budget.

  • Government Contractors

    Very few business enterprises operate with the level of oversight associated with Government Contracting. Acuity Business Solutions' leverages Deltek's ERP products which have been built from the ground up to account for costs, revenues and profits by project to keep government contractors in compliance with strict, and ever-changing requirements. Deltek ERP products make the transactions, audit trails, trends and processes visible to all the stakeholders, both within the enterprise and without.

  • Professional Services

    In today's fast paced consulting market, sustaining success requires firms to maintain the right balance between selling services and managing the daily operations of the business. Deltek solutions are specifically designed to manage and improve all of the processes within consulting organizations to improve business performance.