The Acuity Business Solutions Advantage

 Client - Focused

"The Acuity consultants took the time to really get to know McCormick Taylor as a company. They provided ideas and new ways of looking at things and helped us design the system to meet our present and future needs"
Patrick Guise, VP of Finance, McCormick Taylor, Philadelphia, PA

"VIKA is focused on improving processes and managing projects better in order to prepare for the economic recovery expected next year. We have partnered with Acuity Business Solutions for over 15 years and they are helping us stay focused on achieving our strategic goals and continuing to grow."

Chuck Irish, Principal, VIKA, Germantown, MD

"Acuity Business Solutions has been an essential partner to our firm since 1990, providing financial management and software expertise as we have grown and changed. We have found their experience in the A&E industry to be extremely valuable in helping us to develop processes and policies to help us improve our project management and streamline our marketing and employee management practices."
Tom Twohey, Principal, KCCT Architects, Washington, D.C.

"I have worked with Acuity Business Solutions for over 10 years in two different architectural firms. Acuity Business Solutions help has been invaluable in the two successful (and incident-free) major software conversions that I have managed over the last 10 years. It was especially true in our conversion last year from Sema4 to Vision: we had two days of testing the data transfer and went live with billing on the third day with one of Acuity Business Solutions consultants on-site. We had a seamless conversion ... and have never looked back."
Cooper, Robertson & Partners, New York, NY

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"We have utilized Acuity's services to convert our Sema4 project management system to Deltek Vision and also to implement Deltek Vision's CRM module. Aside from the knowledgeable and professional service that we enjoy, another of the outstanding attributes of Acuity is the ability to tailor the engagement to my own specifications. What I mean by this is that we are fortunate to have staff that are experienced and knowledgeable in many aspects of digital project management and accounting and rely on Acuity to fill in the gaps that we are missing. Acuity is more than willing to tailor their engagement to our specifications and has done a terrific job at it each time we have called upon them for help." 
Cooper, Robertson & Partners, New York, NY

"The consultants from Acuity Business Solutions, Melissa Garner and her team, worked tirelessly during our conversion to insure that in the end we had a quality product that we could use to improve our accounting functions and provide the needed data that our project managers needed to track their projects. Our conversion included multi-company and multi-currency, which made the conversion much more difficult than a normal conversion and Melissa worked with us to achieve our goals by being available most anytime we needed them. They were truly a pleasure to work with and I am grateful for their experience and patience with us during the conversion."
Bob Jones, Controller, WSC, Frederick, MD

"Acuity Business Solutions worked with us on our implementation which went smoothly thanks to their expertise. If we need Acuity Business Solutions, I have found their consultants to be very responsive. Vision has been a rock solid system and a big time-saver for us. For example, I have found that billing is much easier with Vision. We have some projects that have more than 20 billing groups and using Vision has reduced the time spent on billing from 8-12 to 4-6 hours per month. This is a savings of at least $3,000 per year, just for these types of projects."
Ed Kroman, CFO, Summer Consultants, McLean, VA

"As a small business, we felt we needed every advantage to manage projects and costs efficiently. FMS was a good system but to effectively run our firm, we felt it was the right time to convert to Vision. We have been working with Acuity Business Solutions on our conversion and now our training. It has been a great experience since Acuity Business Solutions has expertise and has been right there to help during the entire process."
Gary Ross, accounting manager, Senate Engineering, Pittsburgh, PA 


"I found Acuity Business Solutions through the Internet and have been very happy working with their team. They have been able to troubleshoot our IT issues and will work with us to properly set up our proposals and forms. I highly recommend working with a knowledgeable partner like Acuity Business Solutions."
Deborah Taylor, comptroller, Johnson, Laschober & Associates, Augusta, GA

"Converting to Deltek Vision with Acuity Business Solutions as our partner ensured a smooth transition. Their team was there with us, hand-in-hand during the entire process. The Acuity Business Solutions team is responsive to our questions and always get back to us with the information we need. The training went well and was comprehensive. Additionally, our team has embraced using Vision and with the initial help of Acuity Business Solutions, we have reports set so our managers can pull their own information."
Chris Johnson, bookkeeper, PCA Engineering, Gillette, WY


"June and her team remained helpful and in touch with us. It's clear they cared as much about our business as they did their own. Acuity brings more to the table than just consulting and implementation. Their business practices are modern, inclusive and helpful. I feel we are in good hands."
Chris Hillmann, President & CEO, Hillmann Consulting, LLC, Alexandria, VA 

"We have worked with Acuity Business Solutions for quite a while. We have found that when we need questions answered, we get a response quickly. Now that we have used Vision for over a year, we are very comfortable with the system and find that we save time in many areas including billing."
Tuck Mapping Solutions, Big Stone Gap, VA


"Acuity Business Solutions worked closely with us on our Deltek Vision implementation so it was a smooth process. Our CEO even commented that he felt it was seamless! Acuity Business Solutions helped us set things up in Vision based on how our company does business. They understood our business and procedures which made our conversion from FMS to Vision a success." 

Diane McCloskey, Controller, Allen & Shariff, Columbia, MD


"Our goal was to select the best system to help us replace our existing outdated business management systems. Finding a system that matched our specific needs required an exhaustive due diligence process. One of the most important selection criteria was the implementation approach of the consultants that we were going to partner with. We felt that the Deltek Vision system, along with Acuity Business Solutions, Deltek's local Premier Partner, was the best fit in terms of helping us go through the complex transition and integration of our business development, accounting and project management processes. Acuity Business Solutions has extensive industry knoledge and 20 years of experience with other firms such as ours. The Acuity Business Solutions team presented a detailed and organized approach to converting our data, training our team and revamping our processes to help us accomplish our long term goals. We are very excited to work together with June and her team to integrate and improve all of our project management capabilities."
Bernard Carolan, Controller, Vice President, Urban Engineers, Inc., Philadelphia PA

"Acuity Business Solutions has helped us improve our accounting and marketing practices and maximize our return on investment from the Deltek software products. We have a great deal of trust in their expertise and experience in our industry and will continue to rely on them to guide us as technology changes and the software products evolve."
Paul Marbach, Controller, PEER Consultants, Rockville, MD

Hosting Services

"One of the operational decisions that has most affected our business is moving to hosted solutions for some of our IT needs. It has allowed us to get back to the business of running a business instead of running our IT.  It is one of the best decisions we have ever made."
Larry G. Kirk, CPA, Vice President of Finance, AES Consulting Engineers, VA

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