Have You Seen the New Deltek Vision?

Vision has seen significant changes since customers have first deployed it. Vision 7.1 delivers a quick advantage– with new capabilities to streamline processes, and ease-of-use enhancements to deliver high-quality project and financial management to professional service firms.  New capabilities include attaching documents to transactions, creating slicker proposals, improved and simplified security features, faster and streamlined billings which now include approvals, powerful graphical dashboards, expanded look up capability and internalization.  Put it to work for your firm!

Deltek Vision Version 7.1

Gain Wider Visibility, Tighter Control and Deeper Insight

Deltek Vision 7.1

Enhancements in core accounting, proposal design, document management, performance management, security and convenience and usability, deliver quick advantages.

In addition to all the features that Version 7.0 introduced to Deltek Vision including, Mobile Time, Project Navigator, Deltek Touch, and Deltek CRM, Vision Version 7.1 now allows users to:

    • Attach Documents directly to AP Vouchers and Expense Reports
    • Create Proposals that sizzle with Vision’s New InDesign Integration
    • Process and Approve Client Invoices all within Vision
    • Gain Business Intelligence with Vision Performance Management
    • Refine Security and ID/Password Reset
    • Improve General Usability with Expanded Lookup Features

Vision Version 7.1 delivers a quick advantage – with new capabilities to streamline processes, and ease-of-use enhancements to deliver high-quality project and financial management to professional services firms.

Vision Performance Management

Vision Performance Management (VPM)

World Class Project Focused Business Intelligence

Establish wider visibility of clients, projects, resources and financials with Deltek’s business intelligence solutions Vision Performance Management (VPM). Intended to serve up organizational performance data in easy to read, interactive, visually oriented dashboards that help drive more effective decision making within Vision-using organizations. Empower your company to move beyond financial reporting to a more comprehensive view of strategic and operational indicators. Key features and benefits include:

    • Ability to identify and analyze business trends in specific geographies, markets or disciplines to determine future opportunities and risks
    • Point-and-click-filtering, including side-by-side comparisons, updated dashboard metrics and interactive drill-down to transaction level details
    • Drag-and-drop design tool for easy and economical customization of dashboards
    • Save time for all size businesses and easy deployment of mobile dashboards

Vision Version 7.1 introduces a brand new presentation layer to the VPM module powered by the world class business intelligence solution from Tableau. Tableau as the presentation layer brings an extremely powerful and flexible visualization platform. The presentation layer takes all the data served up by the cubes and presents them in interactive, graphically oriented and visually rich dashboards.

Transactional Document Management

Transactional Document Management

Attach Documents to AP Vouchers and Expense Reports

In Vision 7.1 Deltek expanded the file attachment capability to transactions. Now you will have the ability to attach a vendor’s, supplier’s, or sub-consultant’s invoices to AP Vouchers and attach expense receipts to expense reports. These documents are easily shown with the billing back up when billing out reimbursable expenses to the client.

More efficient file management for AP vouchers and expense reports, brings clarity to the process and less manual effort.

Invoice Approval System  

Speed up the billing process

The new Invoice Approval system now allows your organization to speed up the invoicing process and capture all of the relevant information for submittal and approval all within Vision. Driven by alerts the invoice approval process provides a significant amount of flexibility to tailor it to work how your organization works.

InDesign Integration

InDesign Proposals

Quickly Create Sleeker Proposals

Deltek Vision's Custom Proposals has all the information you need to target and customize your proposal for a specific project. Vision 7.1 now allows you to format your proposals exactly the way you need to grab your client’s attention and stand-out from the competition.

Creating an elegant, winning proposal has never been easier or faster. Easily format it the way you need to grab your prospect’s attention with Vision’s new InDesign Integration.  Combine the layout power of InDesign with the information that already exists in Deltek Vision to quickly create sleek proposals.

Convenience and Usability

Vision 7.1

Enhanced Security; Expanded Lookup Functionality in “List View”

Vision 7.1 allows users who do not remember their password or User ID to help themselves by using a link on the Vision login screen, freeing up system administrators time from assisting colleges with calls regarding forgotten passwords or User IDs. Now administrators can give others full access or read only access to the user’s application.

The “List View” in Project Info Center can now include phase and task detail information.

Deltek Touch

Touch Applications

Delivering More Mobile

Deltek will continue to enhance it’s mobile applications and provide enhancements to Deltek’s Touch Time and Touch CRM with the release of Vision 7.1. 

Touch Time now allows users to use units and has a new save functionality to improve user experience.

Touch CRM now includes opportunities which will allow users to manage opportunities via their mobile device as well as view user-defined fields that are defined in Vision CRM.